1280 S. Alpine Road Rockford IL, 61108      ( Located within the 815 Impact Center)


The Wayward Society corp is a Non-Profit Organization based out of Rockford IL. 

Founded in June of 2021, The Wayward Society is a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization that serves as a mobile resource team

providing a variety of services to individuals living with

disabilities, severe illness, mental illness or post trauma. Located within the 815 Impact Center, we're built from all-volunteer network of healthcare professionals, allied service providers, friends and family members of affected loved ones. Together we are here to help each other and provide a better quality of life for the families we serve.

Our Mission

We're here to create greater independence for people living with developmental disabilities, severe illness, mental illness or post-trauma, not only to function in the world around them, but to help give them a functional world to live in. We will build confidence with hands-on training for families caring for their loved ones at home and be a village where we learn from each other and thrive together.

Our resources and support come with NO COST to families EVER, because we believe these are things NO ONE should ever be without.

Throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic, disruptions in education, employment, health care, and social services have been amplified. Parents and family members took on full-time caregiving roles, while also stepping into new roles as special educators, speech therapists, behavior therapists, and more. This has been exhausting, frustrating, and often just not possible for many families. So it's important we understand how these individuals and their families have been negatively impacted living without resources including home care education, basic safety and most especially these ADLs that truly affect their ability to function day to day.

By helping us fulfill these needs we are creating safer environments with safer practices, confident caregivers, and improving family communication.


Home Visits

During our home visits we spend one on one time with families and their caregivers (where applicable), giving them an opportunity to be heard in their own environment, voice concerns and brainstorm ideas to problem solve. This allows us to establish a more interactive role for families in their loved one's development and treatments, address caregiver and support system needs. Branching from our home visits we use a referral system with our partner organizations to ensure we meet the needs of the families we serve.  


Here we obtain and even create customized aids for daily living. Aids for daily living often referred to as ADLs, can assist people with injuries, disabilities, or the elderly with everyday functional activities.  ADLs include everything from mobility support to adaptive clothing, sensory equipment and more!

                         Check out our gallery to see some 

                               of the cool stuff we make!

Specialty and home care training

 Using mannequins, our instructors provide hands-on case specific training to families caring for affected individuals in the home.

Ensuring safer practices for caregivers, reducing risk of injury to both the caregiver and their loved one, and building confidence through team building in topics such as proper lifting, transfers, CPR/First aid, the use of Narcan and more.

Pay it forward

In our "pay it forward program", we will pass along working and good condition ADL equipment, extending the life of these items and giving others a chance to benefit from them.

We also accept donations of diapers (child and adult sizes), baby wipes, sanitizing wipes, gloves, chux pads/ liners, and feminine hygiene products to assist families in need, as well as local schools and other organizations we assist with supplies for their students or care recipients.   

Community Education

This is where work with our community education program partners gets to shine! Together we present a variety of family and child safety topics for school-aged children to adult audiences. Topics covered include online and in person safety, Child/Human trafficking, abuse reporting, fire safety, emergency preparedness for medically complex families and more.

Collectively we host a variety of peer support, referral services, and psycho-education groups.   

Family/Child safety

Alongside community education we also provide a FREE child ID kit upon request

THIS KIT INCLUDES: an ID card, a fingerprint strip, 2 DNA swabs and an info/instruction card.  

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Did you know?

Not only do we provide equipment and services to families at home, but also serve community schools, residential facilities and other non profit organizations too!

How you can help

With your compassion and generosity in monetary, material donations or volunteered time we will be able to fulfil our mission. Our goal is to continue to grow by investing in our mobile team.

 Our flexibility and mobility allow us to provide services to our clients right in their homes, because they thrive when we can help build their resilience and empower them in their own space.

  It is a crucial part of our work to bring our resources straight to families who have difficulty or inability to travel.         

                    Together we can make an incredible 

                              impact in the community!

 With your support we hope to one day open a resource center that will host open training areas for families and a variety of daily programs where recipients can attend workshops, community events and meet other families. This will be a huge step in providing more true inclusivity to the families we serve.   

As a public charity we are a 501(c)(3) organization. ID# 87-2322937

Contact us for additional tax info. 

Current needs and acceptable donatable items.

Fleece fabric (We go through lots and lots of fabric!)

quilt batting (all varieties) 

lumber (all varieties)

hardware (nuts, bolts, screws, hinges)

batteries (AA, AAA and 9v) 

miscellaneous household items for our custom sensory equipment (i.e., doorknobs, locks, latches, light switches, wheels etc.) 

gas cards 

craft or hardware store gift cards

plastic jars/bottles (like spice containers, VOSS bottles, peanut butter jars, etc.)


weighted blankets

poly pellets

good condition and working medical equipment or medical supplies (example: walkers, wheelchairs, gloves, child and adult diapers, first aid or wound care supplies etc.)

Please contact us with questions on acceptable donation items or for donation drop off locations. You can also visit our monthly news page here on our website or on our Facebook page for an updated list. 

We also accept donations through Square and PayPal.


Together We Will

Are you interested in volunteering?  We have a variety of long term and assignment based openings. 

Contact us below, we'd love to hear from you!


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